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SOLD OUT: Meet the real Queen Of Katwe!

The real “Queen Of Katwe”, Phiona Mutesi, is coming to Santa Rosa to visit interested Chess Club For Kids members and family. We are also very fortunate to have Robert Katende , and Benjamin Mukumbya as well.

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Attending this event will be a life inspiring moment your family will remember forever, as Phiona’s real life story is one of overcoming obstacle after obstacle. And we’ve invited her here to play with, speak to, and inspire you and your kids.

The event kicks off with the showing of the “biographical drama” of her life, titled “Queen Of Katwe”.
See the Trailer | Read more on Wikipedia

After the movie, we’ll host a simul-play where 25 very fortunate Chess Club For Kids students will play against Phiona or Benjamin.
Family members are welcome and encouraged to watch the games.

Following the chess games there will be photo ops and autograph signings with Phiona, Robert and Benjamin.
There will chess boards available for $5 if you want to have one signed so you can take home memories that will inspire for a lifetime.

Last year we hosted a simul-play with two grandmasters Akobian & Petrosian. It was an amazing event. But what makes this event all the more special is the inspirational and motivational real life story that comes with it. Of course all Chess Club For Kids teachers encourage their students to “see chess as related to real life” and that “planning in chess” helps you think ahead for the future, and that everything you do and every “move” you make in life is your choice and in your control – but nothing demonstrates that better than this movie. And nothing brings it home more than meeting the “underdog of underdogs”, the super-heroine herself, Phiona Mutesi, in person.

So come play with us! Be inspired with us! And take home memories that will last a lifetime.

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Here is a recent clip from their tour where Robert speaks directly to the fact that chess can elevate your entire life by giving you hands on training and experience of “taking control” of your moves in life:

(Robert Katende and Phiona Mutesi, the real-life heroes of the movie, “Queen of Katwe,” spoke Saturday, April 22, 2017 at Eastern Shore Community College in Melfa, Virginia)

Need more Inspiration?
Here’s a CNN interview (2:24 minutes)

Are you curious about the details of the movie and what in it was true? Then you’ll enjoy this page!

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