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Quality Chess instruction throughout
Sonoma & Napa County Schools
(707) 527-6427

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Parents ask us how they can get more involved with their child’s chess experience and education. Here’s my favorite excerpt from a great article on Make It An After-Dinner Ritual Instead of Netflix n’ children at night, consider playing a few games of chess as your new bonding activity. “I always encourage kids to […]

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From THE PRESS DEMOCRAT: Phiona Mutesi, whose aptitude for the game of chess took her from an impoverished African slum and transformed her into the Queen of Katwe, the subject of a Hollywood movie, shared the inspiring story of her life Saturday with a group of young students in Rohnert Park. “Chess has given me […]

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The real “Queen Of Katwe”, Phiona Mutesi, is coming to Santa Rosa to visit interested Chess Club For Kids members and family. We are also very fortunate to have Robert Katende , and Benjamin Mukumbya as well. Attending this event will be a life inspiring moment your family will remember forever, as Phiona’s real life story […]

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Congratulations to everyone who came out to participate and make for a great chess community event! 2017 9th Annual Chess Tournament Winners Remember!  Even thought we love rewarding all our top players for their chess excellence, we reward everyone who comes and we acknowledge all our players and think they are just the bees-knees for coming out, challenging […]

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On Monday, June 6th 2016, Sonoma County’s Chess Club for Kids play two of the best chess players in the world! Sonoma County’s Chess For Kids gives a big THANK YOU to Tigran Petrosian, Varuzhan Akobian and to orgnaizer Thomas Southerland who donated all proceeds to our Chess for Kids’ scholarship program. Petrosian, who is […]

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Thanks to all who attended the Napa County Tournament Below are the winners of the 3rd Annual All Scholastic Chess Tournament in Napa Browns Valley Gabriel Reyes Cali William Morrison Pradyun Kotcherelakota Hidden Valley Satellite Jack Driscoll Keon Thom Live Oak Chase Gordon James Barberio Lucian Condon McNear Grant Henry Grant Sanders Oak Grove Catcher Bettinelli […]

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