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Quality Chess instruction throughout
Sonoma & Napa County Schools
(707) 527-6427

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Proctor Terrace March 29 – May 10

$ 90.00

Days: Fridays
Time: 2:25 Р3:25 pm
Dates: 3/29, 4/5, 4/12, 4/19, 4/26, 5/3, 5/10
Location: Multi-purpose Room
Fee: $90.00
Grades: K-6

Siblings are always half price (scholarships considered)

11 in stock

Student’s First Name *

Student’s Last Name *

Gender *

Grade *

After Class Destination *

After class destination if ‘Other’ from above

Special Instructions


Become a CFK supporter! Your tax deductible donation helps support the Scholarship Fund (one student in ten receives some form of financial aid). Tax ID# 26-1902108

I agree to the Terms & Conditions *

Purchasing multiple classes

You must fill out the signup form for each student for each class.
Thus, to add a sibling or to purchase another class for the same child, you need to add them to your cart one-at-a-time, filling out the form each time. E.g.: Fill out the form for the first child and add them to your cart. Then, go back and fill out the form for the second child and add them to your cart. Now proceed to checkout and purchase all your classes at the same time.
This is so we can collect the name, age, and other details of EACH student and for each time slot separately.

Sibling Discounts:

A sibling discount will AUTOMATICALLY be calculated when you add more than one student to the same class.

Buy Phentermine Prescription, Buy Phentermine Bulk

This is a 7-week session of chess classes at your school. All levels of skill are welcome.
Siblings are always half price (scholarships considered).
No refunds or make ups.

Sign up early to ensure a space!

Studies have found hidden rewards for students of chess:

  • Critical and logical thinking skills
  • Improved concentration,
  • pattern recognition, and memory improvement
  • Patience,
  • decision-making,
  • planning,
  • sportsmanship

In addition, chess is plain FUN!


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