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Chess For Kids Trophies

2013 Girls Tournament Photos

2013 Girls Tournament Photos 900 672 Chess Club For Kids

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2013 All Girls Chess Tournament

2013 All Girls Chess Tournament 900 602 Chess Club For Kids

[twocol_one] [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]4th All Girls Chess Tournament February 9, 2013 Grades: K-12 Saturday, February 9, 2013 Arrive at 9:15am for a 10am start Location: Former Ursuline HS, 90 Ursuline Road, Santa Rosa Fee: $20.00 [/twocol_one_last] [button link=”″ bg_color=”#5A6F43″]Register Now[/button] All ages and skill levels are welcome. This is a fun low key competitive event designed…

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2012 Tournament Photos

2012 Tournament Photos 640 478 Chess Club For Kids

Here’s a peek at the 2012 All Scholastic Tournament

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A Review of Key Chess Studies

A Review of Key Chess Studies 150 150 Chess Club For Kids

SUMMARY: Langen (1992) claims that “children who learn chess at an early age achieve more in the traditional maths and sciences. Chinese, European and American research all find significant correlational values after just one year of systematic chess exposure.” Langen also states: “The most striking benefits are those associated with problem-solving and creativity.”

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Chess and Standard Test Scores

Chess and Standard Test Scores 150 150 Chess Club For Kids

SUMMARY: Regular (non-honors) Elementary students who participated in a school Chess Club showed twice the improvement of non-chess players in Reading and Mathematics between third and fifth grades on the Texas Assessment of Academic Skills. In fifth grade, regular track chess players scored 4.3 TLI points higher in Reading (p

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Academic Correlations

Academic Correlations 150 150 Chess Club For Kids

Chess and Education by John Artise The game of chess makes one of the most important contributions to the field of education. Inherent in it are the basic principles of psychological learning theory: Memory, Pattern Recognition, Decision making, and Reinforcement. All of these variables interact during a game of chess and produce the results of…

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