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2015 Napa County Tournament Results

2015 Napa County Tournament Results

2015 Napa County Tournament Results 900 248 Chess Club For Kids


Congratulations to everyone who came out to participate and make for a great chess community event!

2015 Annual Chess Tournament Winners

Thank you to William, Deanna, Jim, and David who helped at the tournament. They carried the load to compensate for my immobilization due to a broken leg and sprained ankle sustained in a very tough chess match.



Blue Oak

Radin Amouei

Browns Valley
Brennecke Daley
Liam Daley
Andre Oliveira

Live Oak
James Barberio
Ethan Wahanik

Old Adobe
Michael Bohac

Liam Keaney

Proctor Terrace
Kashiwa Nakai

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Rincon Valley Christian

Elijah Harmeson

Santa Rosa French-American Charter
Iris Avenell

Slater Middle School
Haley Joerger

Ruby Bourke
Siddartha Ojha
Vedavit Ojha
Natalie Carr

Jake Joerger


Remember!  Even thought we love rewarding all our top players for their chess excellence, we reward everyone who comes and we acknowledge all our players and think they are just the bees-knees for coming out, challenging themselves, enjoying chess and having a great day of family and community chess fun!