2017 Girls Tournament Results

2017 Girls Tournament Results

2017 Girls Tournament Results 900 629 Chess Club For Kids

Congratulations to everyone who came out to participate and make for a great chess community event!

2017 8th Annual All Girls Chess Tournament Winners

  • Cali – Teneli Galli
  • Evergreen – Viola Mikulik
  • Grant – Junlan Tang
  • Hidden Valley Satellite – Sophia Nagra
  • Instilling Goodness – Kalynai Hertz
  • Nelda Mundy – Mabry Hogan
  • Oak Grove – Kendal Lanz
  • Penngrove – Avalon Griswold
  • Reach – Ava Grech
  • Sonoma Country Day School – Cecilia Brenner & Stella Vega
  • Strawberry – Luna Pichardo
  • Yulupa – Stelli Chetcuti

Remember!  Even thought we love rewarding all our top players for their chess excellence, we reward everyone who comes and we acknowledge all our players and think they are just the bees-knees for coming out, challenging themselves, enjoying chess and having a great day of family and community chess fun!