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David E. Hill

David E. Hill, Chess Instructor, Par Excellence
1/16/68 – 10/18/18

My memories of David were that he was a gentle soul with a kind heart. David was well liked by all the chess instructors and especially the students he taught to play chess. I worked with David in several classes and witnessed first hand his excellent knowledge of the game and the expert way we imparted it to the students. He was patient and caring. No student left behind in his classes.

David was my friend and colleague. I will miss his presence as will the entire instructor staff and his students..

Rest in peace.
See you on the other side for a chess match.

Marc Hayman,
Lead Instructor,
Chess For Kids


3 Responses to David E. Hill

  1. Jolie Cook October 20, 2018 at 7:42 am #

    David will forever be in our hearts as he left his mark on thousands of young people in Sonoma County with the gift of learning chess….

    He will be remembered as a genuine kind soul who will always be with us.

    Everyone remembers who taught them the game.

    I am proud to say that thousands will respond with “Mr. Chess” when asked years from now in an after school class with CHESS FOR KIDS.

    Thank you David for touching our hearts and souls and making the youth for tomorrow love the age old game.

    Jolie Cook
    Founder, CHESS FOR KIDS
    EST. 2007

  2. Anita Albright October 22, 2018 at 12:43 pm #

    Dear Marc,

    Thank you for these sweet words about my brother, David. I was there at home when David first learned the game of chess, though I can’t say I ever gave him much of a challenge. Thank you also for your kindness and generosity in helping out our family. I will never forget that. With my deepest gratitude, Anita Albright, in Salt Lake City

  3. Scott Byorum November 26, 2018 at 2:08 pm #

    David was born in the same year as me. David was the first Chess Instructor I ever played the game with. And I only played one game with him. But it was most memorable. He kept admiring my style at Chess. We had a close game, but I’m glad he won. I will never forget him or that game.